Symposium at Society for American Archaeology conference

lithics 2

Dr Huw Groucutt points to a layer of fossils and stone tools in sediments dating to around 100 thousand years ago. Ancient lakes drew people into Arabia, but from where did they come?”

Palaeodeserts team member Huw Groucutt (University of Oxford) is running a symposium at the Society for American Archaeology conference in Orlando, Florida on April 7th 2016. The title of the session is “Parting the Red Sea:  Late Pleistocene Human Dispersals and Lithic Variability in the Horn of Africa and Arabia”.

The meeting is co-organised with Steven Brandt (University of Florida) and Yonatan Sahle (University of California, Berkeley). As well as a presentation by Huw Groucutt, Palaeodeserts is represented by Michael Petraglia, who is a discussant for the session. A workshop is being held at the University of Florida in the days before the conference to allow extended discussions on the topics. The workshop and conference symposium will allow us to present our exciting new findings from Arabia, and discuss the wider significance of these with colleagues working in surrounding regions.

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