Rock art article featured on front cover of Antiquity journal

Antiquity front pageAn article written by Richard Jennings on the rock art landscapes beside the Jubbah palaeolake in Saudi Arabia features on the front cover of the September issue of Antiquity.

Richard’s co-authors on the paper were Ceri Shipton, Abdulaziz Al-Omari, Abdullah M. Alsharekh, Rémy Crassard, Huw Groucutt and Michael D. Petraglia. Click here to read the article.

The authors have undertaken a systematic survey of rock art and interpreted the results using GIS. They conclude that the overwhelming majority of prehistoric rock art sites overlook contemporary early Holocene palaeolakes, and that the distribution of later Thamudic rock art offers insights into human mobility patterns at Jubbah in the first millennium BC.