Survey and excavation of Acheulean sites in Dawadmi completed

Dawadmi dig cropThe Palaeodeserts field season in Dawadmi was highly successful, resulting in the identification of many new archaeological sites. Surveys by the team over a broad geographic area, extending over a distance of 150 kms, identified numerous Acheulean (Lower Palaeolithic) sites. These Acheulean sites contained characteristic tool forms, called handaxes and cleavers.
Acheulean sites were associated with rivers, indicating that hominins travelled along these water courses to reach the heart of Arabia. An Acheulean site excavated by Norman Whalen in the 1980s was re-visited, revealing a dense accumulation of stone artefacts at the base of a volcanic rock source. Here, stone tools were manufactured by the dozens to produce Acheulean implements.