International Meeting in France

Fyssen Meeting - crop 1

The Fyssen Foundation sponsored meeting, “From Colonisation to Globalisation: Species Movements in Human History”, took place in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, on October 4-7.  Some twenty scholars from Australia, France, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA attended the meeting.  The meeting was interdisciplinary in scope, and included archaeologists, palaeontologists, geneticists, microbiologists, geographers and historians.  Dispersals on a regional and global scale were examined, time periods covered ranging from the earliest phases of human evolution right up to the contemporary world. The conference proceedings will be published by Cambridge University Press.

Conference participants (left to right): Michael Petraglia, Melinda Zeder, Bruce Smith, Genevieve Chertier, Robin Dennell, Terry Hunt, Margaret Lewis, Dorian Fuller, Monica Green, James Webb, Patrizia d’Ettore, Andrew Tatem, Geraldine Finlayson, Nick Drake, Clive Finlayson, Jon Erlandson, Marcus Hall, Greger Larson, Remy Crassard, Mark Achtman, Tim Denham, Nicole Boivin.