Green Arabia Conference 2014

HRH The Prince of Wales introduces the Conference, April 2 – 4


HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman introduces the Conference, April 2 – 4

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    Hosted by the University of Oxford and the Palaeodeserts Project, Green Arabia 2014 will see scholars and students from around the world gather for 3 days of presentations and discussions covering the latest multidisciplinary research on the prehistory of the Arabian Peninsula and its role at the cross-roads of continents.

    Climate change has played a pivotal role in the demographic history of human populations
    across the world. However, earth scientists, archaeologists and geneticists are increasingly
    finding that the relationship between environmental change and human history is both
    variable and complex. This exciting interdisciplinary conference will address what we know
    about human dispersal, adaptation and the role of climate change through four key themes.

    • Climate Change and Demography
    • Behavioural Responses to Environmental Change
    • Recording the Past: New Models, Methods and Discoveries
    • Bridges, Barriers and Habitats: Arabia and Beyond


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    The full programme including abstracts is now available!

    Green Arabia 2014 Conference Programme with Abstracts


    We are pleased to announce the release of the Green Arabia conference programme:

    Green Arabia 2014 Programme

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    5 years ago

    Green Arabia 2014

    Making this incredible event happen involved the tireless effort of an incredible team of people. We the organisers would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone, including the support team, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities and HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman. ...

    5 years ago

    Green Arabia 2014

    Green Arabia 2014 has finally come to a close, with an excellent and stimulating mix of papers and discussions. Leaders from the fields of archaeology, palaeoclimate science, genetics and palaeoanthropology have really opened up the debate concerning our species first steps outside Africa. Whilst this debate remains far from resolved, the past few days have shown us that a multidisciplinary approach is critical, and that the answer is likely far more nuanced and complex than a simple one dimensional model. Importantly, Arabia is now more than ever on the map and recognised as central to these debates. The future is bright! ...